…along came Kara

I never wanted kids. It’s not that I didn’t like them, but by the time I was “ready” to have kids, I thought I’d be too old and well, I didn’t really care too much to have kids in the first place, so why bother. Between happy hours and travelling the world, I was living the millennial dream. I was going to be somebody. I was going to make a difference and I was going to do it…all…by…myself.

Then I got married. He wanted kids – I still didn’t and he was okay with it. Then he got cancer. He recovered, but the fear of almost losing him made me realize I needed to do something to maintain a piece of him should that ever happen again….and along came Kara.

This blog is about the little girl who is changing my life and what she’s teaching me along the way. Every night I hold her little body, watching her fragile lashes flutter softly as she drifts off to sleep, I realize…I am somebody. I am this beautiful baby’s mother and I do make a difference. But I don’t do it by myself.  I do it with help…lots of it…from family, friends, and a village of other mamas and papas that all take it one day at a time. Even with all the tips, tricks, and experiences passed on to me, every day is a new adventure.  I hope you find something useful here and maybe even share your own experiences. Most importantly, I hope you know you are not alone and that you, too, are making a difference to the little (or littles) in your life.


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